Tomorrow is The Operation Day.


This is my first status on facebook about the operation.

Since then, I'll keep posting about it on facebook. As you can see..

Then I thought the operation gonna be done by today. But actually,

It's just an appoinment with the doctor. Discussing this and that. So, the result is tomorrow will be the day. The operation day. Even it is minor, but still I can't be too selesa with this. Agree? So, I'm hoping that the operation will be just fine and lancar. Pray to Allah. And hoping prays from you guys too. If I have done something or anything wrong, sorry. That's all. Assalamualaikum.

Eh korang boleh paham ke aku speaking ni? Oh please.
Sincerely: Bubu 


Choi•Minhoヅ™ said...

kite doakan semua bejalan lancar.
amin =)

Bubu said...

@Choi•Minhoヅ™- thanks :)